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As part of WorldSmart’s transition to the new online shop, orders can now only be placed using a credit card. An option for Direct Debit exists for approved customers. To apply for the direct debit option, please speak with your local account manager or contact us at
Yes, we have a number of options available: WorldSmart BI will help you make more sense of the data that you currently have by providing with a tool that will enable you to query your data in plain language, much like talking to Siri. In addition, the WorldSmart sales Support team is available for general questions relating to the BI data or we could provide you with the services of a professional Business Analyst/Data Scientist team to assist you with data interpretation – WS’s objective is to help you drive PROFITABILITY through better decision making
Yes, you can upgrade/downgrade your support package at any time, if you upgrade it will take WorldSmart some time to get the data right for your required dashboards and reports – the timing/cost will be covered in the Work Request scoping documentation. If you downgrade, we will need to make amendments to your existing dashboards and reports to reflect the required package
Once you have accepted and signed the contract (including the terms & conditions) we will implement the following: 1. A bespoke dashboard will be built for your retail outlet/group - Our BI team will work with you to develop your dashboard and report suite 2. Once built we will - Leave you alone and let you operate the tool for approximately 1 month (you are welcome to contact our BI team whenever you wish if you have questions).
Yes, you can work with our BI team to arrange the import, examples may include budgets, payroll etc. Costs may be associated with third party imports.
Most customers receive their invoices via e-mail or post. If your email or address has changed, please provide us with your new email address by emailing us at
If your internet is not working, please contact your Internet Service Provider in the first instance. If the fault is identified as equipment fault, please contact the WorldSmart helpdesk on 1300 738 324.

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