The programs feature what we call ‘natural query language’, which means you can use common phrases to ask questions about your data. It’s kind of like the Siri of BI. The information you get back is shown in pretty charts and diagrams so you can easily analyse, compare and manage your data. And as a cloud-based solution, you can access and share it all on any device, at any time you like. Plus, if you’ve got other loyalty, eCommerce or POS systems in place, we can easily integrate them with your BI platform.

Our analytics solutions offer businesses:

  • Access to industry leading data scientists and business intelligence analysts
  • Custom dashboards providing timely access to your most critical data and KPIs
  • Daily, weekly and monthly data structures to help you create reports and strategies
  • Access to modeling expertise including clustering and segmentation
  • Probability and regression analysis to help drive loyalty, basket size and foot traffic
  • A real-time operational matrix allowing you to be more responsive to market conditions
  • Easy to download apps for iOS and Android.

The best part about our analytics solutions is that they can help you make informed business decisions based on real-time data. With all of this information at your fingertips, you’ll be well on your way to driving profits and reducing your running costs. Oh, and we know analysing data can be pretty daunting, so we’ll always be on hand to offer support when you need it.

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