Ideal for businesses of all types and sizes, our labour management tool allows you to:

  • Manage staff rosters across multiple departments, in multiple locations and on multiple pay rates
  • Handle staff availability planning, roster across shifts and budget by dollars, hours, or both
  • See snapshots of productivity and attendance to determine how much staff are costing at any point in time
  • Broadcast messages and allocate task lists to individuals, a selected group, or the entire team
  • Set up time or event driven alerts and reminders that can be sent to pagers or mobile phones
  • Easily view probation periods, birthdays, anniversary dates, sick leave, annual leave or time in lieu
  • Clock staff in and out using a finger vein scanner – this offers greater reliability and security over traditional finger print scanners.
  • View the status of all staff on one screen at the touch of a button
  • Send casual staff rosters via SMS
  • Export electronic timesheets to payroll systems.

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