Unlike other loyalty programs that are heavily based on discounts and not much else, our savvy system allows consumers to see real value in their loyalty points, which means they’re more likely to keep coming back to you – not your competitors. That could explain why our loyalty program is the third largest in Australia! It allows customers to look at relevant data that matters to them, and make personalised plans based on the tailored information you provide them with. This is what we call taking a ‘consumer-centric’ approach, or in normal speak, making your customers feel special.

Our system gives you the ability to interact with customers via a one-way communication channel, so you can establish a strong connection and get them emotionally attached to your brand. Plus, because we understand what users want, the technology is constantly adapting to suit your customers’ needs. And with over 1 million loyalty customers under our belt to date, we’re confident our loyalty solutions will keep your customers coming back for more, and help boost your revenue.

Keep it simple with our loyalty cards and apps

If you’re after something more traditional, we also offer card-based and phone app loyalty systems for individual, group level and national retailers. We’ve developed a range of successful products for loads of businesses to date, including Thirsty Camel’s Camel Card, My IGA Card, and our well-known Jackpot Club gaming solution. These highly flexible programs can work in a single or multi-store environment, and allow you to tailor rewards specific to your customers’ needs. Plus, our trusted experts host the systems, which means we take care of all that boring admin.

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