Around 380 millions of transactions are performed using this very system each month alone – that’s about one tenth of all US banking transactions – so it’s safe to say you can count on our POS UI. The perks of our POS system include:

  • Easy cashier training
  • Accurate scanning
  • Fast transaction speed
  • Electronic tender integration and security
  • Ability to customise your menu display
  • Touchscreen interfaces including quick lookup buttons with images
  • Integrated peripherals such as customer facing displays
  • Ability to independently process transactions if the local network drive stops working.

As an end-to-end solution, POS User Interface provides you with all of the software and hardware you need to get the system up and running. Plus with incredible intuition and reliability, once you go POS UI, you’ll never go back.

You can even add optional extras to make your POS User Interface your own, including:

  • Online vouchers
  • E-pay and X-POS integration
  • A fully-integrated online loyalty system
  • Integrated customer accounts
  • POSTEC Focus and Forecourt Fuel integration.

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