Whether you need CCT cameras, software virus prevention or Prism heat mapping technologies, we’ve got you covered. Our systems are designed to instill a safer, more inviting store environment for both your staff and your customers. Here are just a few of our many offerings:


Our clever CCTV system is ideal for retail environments. It’s intelligent features and integration with our retail point of sale data makes for a simply unmatched loss prevention tool. It’s easy to use and manage, and provides you with super high-resolution video footage. Plus, it features only the best blue chip equipment from trusted suppliers, so you can be sure it will operate to the highest standards. No speck of dust will be left unchecked!

Specifically, our CCTV system lets you:

  • Drill down on individual transactions and identify staff fraud
  • View footage remotely for single and multi-location sites
  • Use video footage for staff training
  • Eliminate shrinkage and staff fraud in your business.

Cisco Meraki

Everything is better when you work together, which is why we’ve teamed up with the industry leaders at Cisco Meraki to create an advanced wireless solution for our mobile inventory and merchandising system. Not only can this help to improve your in-store operations and increase your profitability, but it also gives you access to essential data that will help you engage with your customers on a whole new level.

With Cisco Meraki and WorldSmart, you can:

  • Provide WiFi for your customers – and see whether they’re pricing you against your competitors
  • Get a richer picture of shoppers’ interests by accessing a snippet of their browsing information using World Smart BI
  • Track shoppers via their mobile phones – this is so accurate that you can pinpoint their exact shelf location and dwell times.

Prism heat mapping technologies

We’re all about finding the hottest new trends, and the Prism heat mapping tool is literally as hot as it gets in the world of security. For a minimal investment, you can add Prism to your existing CCTV infrastructure, so you can better understand your customers’ journey through your store. This sexy new technology can help you increase sales, improve your customers’ experience and reduce losses – and you can get your hands on it right here at WorldSmart. Complete with some of the most advanced image processing software in the world, Prism has been specially made for retailers who ain’t got time to muck around.

In particular, Prism helps you:

  • Optimise your store with the help of retail data and analytics
  • Recognise where customers move in your store for improved merchandising
  • Monitor key services to identify hotspots and areas of low activity
  • Carry out door and department counts and conversions
  • Assess and improve average queue lengths and wait times.

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