We believe that numbers speak louder than words, so before we go on, here are a few fun stats about us:

  • 380 million transactions are made using our technology each month – that’s about one tenth of the amount of all banking transactions made in the US
  • Our systems use 4 HP hyperdome blades – the Australian Stock Exchange uses 6 to work their share prices
  • We have 120 staff to date, most with a retail background
  • We have the third largest loyalty program in Australia, with over 1 million loyalty customers
  • 1641 supermarkets use our systems – that’s bigger than Coles and Woolworths combined!
  • We operate over 20 thousand terminals and self checkouts – that’s about the size of Walmart
  • 98% of Australians can access our system – we’re big in rural and remote Australia too
  • We have over 15 million lines of code – the NASA Space Shuttle only has 400,000.

With 30 years of experience, and literally thousands of clients, it’s safe to say we know our stuff. Plus we manufacture here in Australia and overseas, which means we can bring you the best quality products the world has to offer.

We’re big on research and development too. Our developers spend hours on end researching and developing new products to make life easier for our customers (so you could say we don’t get out much ­– the outdoors are overrated anyway).

We’re in tune with how you think and do business, and we’ll work with you to find an effective solution that suits your changing needs. From retail and hospitality/gaming, to pharmaceuticals and beyond, we’ve worked with pretty much every market you can think of.

We take an integrated approach to business through our use of technology so our customers can get the best results every time. By offering a range of tailored solutions and consultancy services for all aspects of your business, including IT, analytics, POS, hardware and software, we can make sure your systems function smoothly.

We love our customers too, and will always go the extra mile to provide training and support for our products, so you actually know what you’re doing with them. Our consultants are handpicked from the industry, so they know all the systems inside out. They’re also highly trained in the art of conversation, and are always on hand to offer support or answer any questions. See for yourself. Go on, give us a call.

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Oh, and while we don’t like to brag about it, we’re also part of the RD Jones group, a $200 million per annum private company. Basically, this means you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be around to help your business out for a long, long time.

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Meet the WorldSmart team

  • Steve Menzel
    Steve Menzel

    General Manager – WorldSmart Retail

    Steve is responsible for the delivery of strategic outcomes for the company’s retail arm. Ensuring creation & implementation of a strategy designed to grow the business. Steve is responsible for the delivery of key retail partnerships, technologies & outcomes ensuring the company maintains a leadership position in the retail market. Steve brings over 30 years experience where he has held senior project management, system design & strategic management positions.

  • Ben Lam Sing
    Ben Lam Sing

    State Manager - QLD & WA

    Ben has been living and breathing independent retail since the age of 16; managing his first store at the age of 22. After completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland, Ben was appointed Area Manager for a multi store owner; overseeing seven stores of various sizes throughout South East Queensland. In 2010, Ben joined the team at WorldSmart & was appointed WA State Manager in 2014.Ben and his team look after the requirements of our WA customer base with stores reaching from Fitzroy Crossing in the North to Jerramungup in the South.

  • Michael de Vos
    Michael de Vos

    State Manager - NSW & Sales Manager - NZ

    Michael is responsible for the company’s NSW and NZ retail business. Michael leads a team of retail and IT professionals to ensure our customer needs are met in these two important and growing markets. Michael has worked for WorldSmart for over 13 years and brings over 20 years experience where he has previously held senior level sales & strategic management positions.

  • Sam Stevenson
    Sam Stevenson

    State Manager - VIC & TAS

    Sam has over 21 years experience at Worldsmart both in sales & management. Based in Port Melbourne, Sam heads up a local team of IT professionals who service more than 400 retail businesses across VIC & TAS. With a strong foundation for service quality & support - Worldsmart VIC has a great reputation, having delivered consistently into the retail market.

  • Brad Cock
    Brad Cock

    State Manager - SA & NT

    Brad Cock, began his retailing career in 1992, working through all aspects of independent retail, including management of several large format stores. After completing tertiary studies in 1997, Brad migrated from retail to Retail Technology in 1999, which saw him then join the WorldSmart team in 2006. In 2015, Brad was appointed State Manager for both the SA & NT regions. Brad and his SA team look after some of the largest independent retailing groups in the nation; some across multiple states, to small community stores deep in the NT outback.

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